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Ready to be part of an Elite Hockey Tour in Holland this summer? 

Get trained by Dutch Internationals, play with fellow US College athletes against a Club Team and experience The Netherlands. 

Tour runs July 22nd - July 29th.

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Elite Hockey Tour

Get your skills fresh before your preseason while playing in the Hockey Mecca of the World, being trained by Dutch Coaches and National Team Players. 

Cultural Immersion

Off the field we provide cultural, educational and volunteer experiences. Seeing history and culture is important but experiencing is our specialty. 

Peace of Mind

We work to ensure a quality experience and organize absolute everything. Join and we promise an incredible hockey and cultural experience.

Why Join Zag & Uru to Amsterdam?

Compete like the World Champions

You will be trained by a team of highly experienced field hockey professionals from Holland, including coaching sessions from members of the Dutch National Team.

Dutch International Coaching

Seven 2+ hour training sessions run by coaches from The Netherlands and be taught specific skills by athletes on the Dutch International Hockey Team

Match vs Club Team

At the end of the Tour compete alongside your fellow US College athletes against a Dutch Club Team. Learn from their style of play while showing them a thing or two about USA Hockey. 

Join this Tour today to claim your spot and elevate your game.

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